This singing time was planned with Oreo's 100 year anniversary and March madness in mind :)

You will need, a small hoop, a glass of milk, tongs, mini oreo's (or big ones), and duck tape (or something else to make lines on the floor).

Before Primary, lay down 3 lines of duck tape on the floor.  I usually put them down the center isle of the room.  Each line represents song choices.  The closet line will be a program song, the middle line will be a fun song, and the farthest line will be a wiggle song or a favorite song.

Pick one child to come up and choose a line to throw the oreo in the basket from.  (Put the basket on the table in front of them).  They get 3 tries to throw the cookie through the basket and DUNK it into the glass of milk.  If they make it, use the tongs to get it out and let them eat it. Yum!  Then sing the song in accordance to which line they made it from.  If they don't get it in 3 tries, let another child get a turn.

Here is a fun handout to give after!!!  Attach a mini oreo as the 'O' in SCORE :)

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