JUMBO Marshmallows ... mmmmmmmmmm 

On a cooking sheet, place 8-10 marshmallows with icing numbers on them.  The number represents a song to sing.  Choose a child to come up and choose a marshmallow. 

...And this is where it gets fun :)

By 'choose one', we mean pick it up with their mouth. ha!

Have them stand at a line with their hands behind their back and try to blow it/shoot it into a medium sized basket.  They get 3 tries (put a table cloth on the table with the basket).  If they make it, sing that song and let that child eat their Jumbo Marshmallow.  If they don't, let them have it anyway :)

Here are some fun March Madness ways to sing:
 Bounce.  Get it?
Act out these basketball moves as you sing!!!
Bounce (one arm)
Travel (roll arms)
Slam Dunk
Double Dribble (bounce with both hands opposite of each other)
Basket's good (sharp point with finger and arm down)
Granny throw (throw between legs)
Backwards throw


  1. fab idea! doing this tomorrow, but i have a tray with fake grass on it and jumbo egg marshmallows!

  2. Love this idea! We are big on March Madness in our house and this make this totally awesome! I ran out and grabbed the JUMBO marshmallows tonight because just regular large one wouldn't do. :) I also found tiny little basketballs at our $1 store! Score! Thanks for your fabulous site and ideas! I got this calling in February and wouldn't have been able to have such great singing times without it.