I am LEAD by Prophets and Apostles

I have to be honest.

I love leading wands.

There's just something whimsical about them to me.

I like to see my children's faces as a bring out a new one :)

If I don't have one for a certain holiday, then I just cut out a holiday shape from paper and tape it to the end of a skewer.  Fancy, right?

Here's a few from the collection.  Anything that is long, can be used as a leading wand!!!
umbrellas, flowers, flags, a pencil with ribbon attached, flashlight, etc.

Anyways for this singing time I will pull out my leading wands and let a child choose one.  Each leading stick will represent a song to sing and then they get to lead with it!!!

Make to sure to end with your testimony of how the prophet and apostles are called by God and LEAD us today!


  1. I'm doing this today with glow sticks! I found glow bracelets at the dollar store--15 for $1! So we'll turn out the lights practice leading to our favorite songs about the prophet!

  2. Perfect for my sharing time this month on following the prophet!