4 Leaf Clover

Warning:  The singing time listed below is extremely easy and completely unoriginal...

Have pieces to build a clover on table.  Let a child come up and put one piece on the board (with blue sticky tack).  Have a song to sing on the back of each piece.  Sing song.

Easy and unoriginal?

We warned you :)

***To add a little spice:  Put a paper clover under one of the children's chair before Primary.  The child that sits on that chair gets to be your LUCKY lead helper for the day!!!


Play Hot n' Cold as you sing one of the songs.  Hide a little leprechaun!



Have a contest to see which class is singing the best!  The class that sings the best gets to have their teacher wear a LEPRECHAUN HAT for the next song!! blahhhh ha ha!
Don't have a leprechaun hat laying around?  Make one out of paper and a stick!!!

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