We have an extra day to Choose the Right - so HOP to it!!!

Leap Frog
All you need for this Singing Time is some leaping frogs!!!  You can get some like the ones pictured above at the dollar store or make some origami ones!  Here is a link to see how to make origami frogs.  Number each frog (the number represents a song).  Choose 2 or 3 children to come up and each child gets a frog.  Set each frog at the starting line and as you say, "Go", they press down on their frog to make it leap.  The frog that leaps the farthest is the song you sing!

Frog Singing Meter
As the children sing, pull the tongue in and out depending on their volume.  The longer the tongue, the louder they sing!!!
Lilly Pad Toss
Place 6-10 Lilly Pads on the floor.  Write a song on the back of each lilly pad.  Let a child toss a bean bag/stuffed frog onto a lilly pad.  Sing Song.  (if the bean bag doesn't land on a pad exactly, choose the one closest)

 Frog Tongue
This idea was found here.
Here's a couple ideas on how to use this for Singing Time:
-Put song titles on the board and let a child hit the one they want to sing with the frog tongue.
-Choose a super singer to use the frog tongue to pop bubbles as a teacher blows them.
CTR Search
This CTR search was found from February's 2010 Friend.  Make a large one and put it on the board and let a child circle a CTR each time you review the Song Choose the Right.  Try to find them all!
Here is a maze that would be fun to pass out as a handout.  It's from the March 2004 Friend.

CTR Shield Language Match
Put these shields and language strips on the board.  Choose a child to see if they can get a match!  For every match, sing a song!  These shields can be found here or here or here

We hope you have a great Singing Time this week!!!  Take at peek at the other ideas for this week posted below!



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this frog theme idea! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this wonderful blog. It helps me out so much :D

  2. I love your post about having an extra day for CTR.... SO FUN!!!! I wish I would have looked at this last week for my primary lesson! I have been casually following your blog and I wanted to tell you about a fun incentive program my ward has begun using for our Primary kids. They are plastic tags, "brag tags" that have fun images on them to encourage participation in anything from saying prayers to learning the Articles of Faith. This program is so fun for kids and motivates them with a simple inexpensive reward they can keep and wear or show any day of the week. Several kids in my primary class have already earned tags for being reverent and for bringing their scriptures. I found them at www.boostpromotions.com/lds. I think your followers will love these for their primary kids also! Renee

  3. Thank you for crediting me with the CTR maze. Most people just leave my name off. ~ Regina Thompson

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