Strength in Choosing the Right

This is a Primary Singing Time activity that goes along with this months theme, Choose the Right.  Cut out 7-10 paper people (see picture above).  Leave 2 blank and on the others write ways to help you choose the right.  ex:  prayer, pay tithes, scriptures, go to church, service, etc...

Say something like this at the beginning,
"Some people are weak and when faced with choices between right and wrong, they don't seem to have the strength to choose the right.  (Show blank paper person).  We are going to sing songs to give us the strength to choose the right".

Let a child choose a paper person with a way to help us choose the right.  Sing a song that corresponds with the way to CTR.  For example if they pick Scripture Study, you could sing Scripture Power.  After they choose a way to choose the right, stack it on top of one of the blank people.  Leave the other blank person alone until the end of singing time.

Before you sing, pick one of your SUPER singers to wear this CTR cape and lead the song!  This cape was made from an inexpensive table cloth and a paper CTR shield was added on the back.
After you have sung all the songs and all the paper people are stacked together, say this,
"Which one would you rather be?  The skinny weak person?  Or the one with strength"?  Always remember to Choose the Right so that you can be strong!


  1. Love this! do you have some songs matched up for each "person?" I'd love to see what songs you'd like to sing. My kids are getting sick of JUST singing Choose the Right, so I'd love to add in some new songs this week.

  2. So glad you love this idea! When I want to sing songs on a certain topic, I go to the back of the Children's Songbook and look under Topics. So for instance for Church attendance you could sing The Chapel Doors, Daily Prayer - Children All over the World, Service - I'll Walk With You, Tithing - I Want to Give the Lord my Tenth. Hope this helped!!! Good luck!