Super Bowl Noah's Ark Style

Hello music leaders!!!! 
We put together a little spin on the Super Bowl and Noah's Ark for this week.  We are teaching February's song, Choose the Right.  In order to keep their interest while we learn the song, we thought we would do some bowling with a football.  Make your own home-made pins with old bottles or cans and put animals print paper around them.  Here's the bowling rules for reviewing: 
If they knock down 1 pin:  Lead the song using Elenor the Elephant.  (child puts hand in sock and leads.  See below picture)
2 pins:  Use pictures of a Lion and a Mouse and let a child hold one of them up at a time.  Sing loud when the lion is held up and soft when the mouse is held up. 
3 pins:  Use pictures of a rabbit and a snail.  Children sing fast when the rabbit is held up and slow when the snail is held up.  Make sure your pianist can see the signs!
4 pins:  Monkey see Monkey do.  Choose a child come up to the front to be the monkey.  Let them choose several actions to do and the other children follow as they sing. ex: scratch head like monkey, swing arms, jump up and down, etc.
5 pins:  Whistle the chorus
6 pins:  Children's choice.  They either get to pick one of the ways to sing from 1-5 pins or pick from:  Flamingo-sing standing on one leg, skunk-nose plugged, or giraffe-Have paper giraffe visual that has a neck that stretches.  When it's neck is tall-stand up tall or when it's short-scrunch down low.

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