Music Love Notes

 Tell your Primary Children that they have mail in their Primary Mailbox!!!  Address each music love note to your Primary on the front.  Choose a child to come open an envelope.  Inside the envelope, have a heart shaped paper with a love song written on it. Sing the song!

To make this even more fun, I am going to use this idea found here.  The song will be covered up with gold paint and they will have to SCRATCH away to reveal the song!!!
Happy Valentine's and be sure to check out our other Valentine's posts from this week!!!


  1. Hey, I just thought I would leave a quick comment because I never have before. I have been choir chorister for almost 3 years and need new ideas. Your blog is my favorite one that I have used in all three years. I love how you have sooo many ideas that I can choose from. I have used a lot of your ideas and wanted to make sure you knew that all your great ideas are being used and that I am super grateful for them!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment!!! We are so glad you are able to use some of the ideas on our blog!!! Blogging takes a lot of time so it is so good to hear that we are helping!


  3. Thanks for this adorable idea. We just did it this last Sunday and the kids really enjoyed it. I enjoy checking in on your blog to get my creative juices flowing. You've got some great ones. :)

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