Listen to a Prophet's VOICE

Primary 'The Voice".

My new favorite show is 'The Voice' (not that I ever have time to watch it :))  but I like to see parts of it when I can.  The gist of the show is: 4 people are turned around in a chair facing away from a stage.  A singer comes on the stage and starts to sing.  If one of the 4 likes their singing, they turn their chair around.

So to make 'The Voice' primary style, we made some adjustments...

Pick one child to sit in a swivel chair facing away from the piano and the other primary children.
Preselect songs relating to different councils the prophets have told us.  Have the pianist start to play one song.  As soon as the child in the chair recognizes the song or knows the title, have them turn around.  Then discuss the message of the song and what 'The Voice' of the prophet has told us to do.

Here's a list of songs and the corresponding prophet:
~Song:  I Hope they Call Me on a Mission. David O. McKay - focused on missionary work, "every member a missionary".
~Song:  This is my Beloved Son.  Joseph Fielding Smith - invited all to come unto Christ.
~Song:  A Happy Family.  Harold B. Lee - encouraged us to take time for family home evening.
~Song:  The Priesthood is Restored or Do As I'm Doing.  Spencer W. Kimball - on his desk was a plaque with the motto "Do It", and received revelation to extend the priesthood to all worthy male members.
~Song:  Book of Mormon Stories.  Ezra Taft Benson - renewed emphasis on the Book of Mormon.
~Song: Families Can Be Together Forever.  Howard W. Hunter - focused on being worthy to enter and attend the temple.
~Song:  I Love to See the Temple.  Gordon B. Hinckley - dedicated more temples than any other General Authority.
~Song: Jesus Said Love Everyone.  Thomas S. Monson - As bishop at age 22, there were 85 widows in his ward and he visited them regularly.  Later he spoke at each of their funerals after they passed away. 

We would love to hear from you if this idea works for your Primary!!!  Happy March! and check out our other posts from this week!



  1. Love this idea! My girls and hubby watch the voice faithfully!

  2. I used this today and it was great. I put up the pictures of the prophets and had the kids match the quotes to the prophet after they guessed. They loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Soooo glad we can help!!!! and thanks for looking at our blog!

  4. We love the Voice. I had this idea on my list for a while but haven't done it yet. I'm thinking the last week in March. But I adapted it a little. Since on the voice, they don't see the person singing. I am choosing three kids to come to the front as the "coaches" turn their backs and then choosing a child to sing in the choir. The first person to raise their hands gets to guess who is singing. If they get it right, we all sing the song, if they get it wrong, they have to sit down and choose another judge. As soon as they guess right, we sing the whole song altogether.