This awesome Liahona is from the 2005 Primary Partners Sharing Time written by Mary H. Ross, Illustrated by Jennette Guymon-King.  It is copyrighted so we didn't scan it in to share- but we thought it was so cool that maybe you could make your own!
So this how it works (Quoted from the book),
"Help children imagine having the Liahona today.  Tell them, "If each of our families could have a Liahona today to guide us, how would we keep it going to get the help we need?"  Have children take turns drawing a card #1-10 and reading the action on the card.  Then dial the Liahona to see if that action makes us worthy of inspiration.  If the correlating number on the dial says "yes," that means we would be worthy to receive inspiration.  If there is a "no," this means the Liahona would not work as well because our choice was not a righteous choice."

So for singing time choose a child to pick a card.  On the card have a story about choosing the right or a story about not choosing the right.  The card number correlates with the number on the Liahona and the answer is on the opposite side (refer to pictures above).

Here are some story examples for you:

-Mary was very sleepy and tired.  It was late so she hurried and jumped into bed.  Is that choosing the right?

-When Joyce was sitting with her family at Sacrament meeting, she decided-I will sit reverently and try hard to listen to the talks.  Is that choosing the right?

-Kenneth wanted to play with Bill's puppet.  He decided to sneak the puppet while Bill was not home.  Is that choosing the right?

-Jenny had some earned money.  She wanted to buy a special toy.  She discovered that if she paid her tithing, she would not have enough money to buy it.  She decided to pay her tithing first and wait until she earned more money.  Did she choose the right?

After each card is picked and checked by the Liahona, review Choose the Right!!!


  1. Is the pdf of this activity still available somewhere?

  2. Hello! Not this exact one, but check out this other one we made for Singing Time