A Kiss 4 U

I did this singing activity a few years ago and my kids loved it!!!  It was so funny to see them try to unwrap the kiss!
You will need a pair of winter gloves, tongs (2 sets) and some Hershey kisses.  Choose a child to come up and put on the gloves and put a pair of tongs in each of their hands.  One tong is to hold the kiss and the other is used to unwrap it.  Choose a song to sing.  When the children start to sing, let the child with the gloves begin to unwrap the kiss.  When the child gets the kiss completely unwrapped, the children stop singing.  Then choose another song and child to attempt to unwrap the kiss.

My kids had fun with this one and it was hilarious to see them with the big gloves on - trying to do 'surgery' on the piece of chocolate!  You may be surprised at how fast they can do it!  This would be a great one for reviewing Choose the Right!

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