Dizzy Prophets

This idea was found here and was adapted to singing time :)  Thanks Perglers Primary Place!

Let a child spin the wheel and land on a letter!  Each letter represents something about our LIVING prophet, Thomas S. Monson. After each letter is landed on, stick it on the board (so the word PROPHETS can be spelled out), read what the letter represents, and sing a song.  

P - President.  He is the president of our church.  President Thomas S. Monson, Proclaims the gospel, Protects us from sin, and Preaches repentance.
R - Revelator.  He Reveals and shows us commandments from the Lord, and Reads messages from our Heavenly Father
O - Obedient.  He is Obedient to Heavenly Father.  He is Ordained of God.
P - Prophecies.  He prophecies thing that will come. 
H - Holder of the Priesthood.  He Holds all the keys of the priesthood.
E - Example.  Our Prophet is an example to me and how to live my life. 
T - Testifies.  He tells his testimony of Jesus all around the world.  He teaches people what we need to do in order to be like Jesus.  He translates messages from the Lord so we can understand them.
S - Seer.  A seer is like spiritual eyeglasses.  As a seer, our prophet can see what we cannot see with our natural eyes.  As a seer, he can also have the power to translate ancient records.  And see things both past and future with more clarity and brightness so that we can interpret God's plan and warn us of things to come.
The prophet stands by what he believes in, even unto death.

Here is a YOU TUBE video (from arizonaforever.blogspot.com) if you are an over achiever and want to teach your children the sign language to Stand for the Right!!!

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