Winter Fun

This idea comes from A Children's Songbook Companion p. 31.  Prepare a winter scene on the chalkboard or poster board (trees, snowmen, etc.).  Make signs that say Avalanche Pass (sing), Humming Hill (hum), Thin Ice (whisper sing), Rest Area (piano only).  Prepare a figure (skier or sleigh rider) and attach it to the end of a dowel.  Move the figure to the various ski area at unexpected times during the singing.  Instruct the children to follow the directions on the signs.

This can be used as a fun review for As a Child of God!!!


  1. I am wondering if you created visuals for the 2 & 3 verse of "As a Child of God"? I can only get my computer to bring up the first verse? It's a super cute chart & I would love to be able to use it.

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone receives our emails... I hope you got our reply earlier this week. We have actually added the 2nd and 3rd verse and we'll be posting those later this week.