Melting Snowman

Melt the Snowman by singing really HOT!!!  Send one child out of the room and one child to hide the snowman (play hot and cold).  When the snowman is found, let the children decide which article to take off.  My kids loved this last year when I took off his top hat and said, "Look!  He's bald!!!".

This is a simple snowman made out of scraps of paper laying around the house.  Each piece/accessory was laminated and then attached with velcro.


***Here's another Snowman review from Littlegiraffes.  Scroll to the middle of the page to find the Roll-A-Snowman.  We thought this activity could be adapted for Primary singing time.  Let one child roll the dice and draw the part of the snowman on the chalkboard.  Then sing a song.  If they duplicate a number on the dice, choose another child to try.  Let us know if anyone tries these activities with their primary!!!

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  1. I used the Roll a Snowman idea today with my sr. primary. I played the hot and cold singing game with the jr primary, but thought the older kids might get bored so I did the snowman game. I ended up having one child drawing on the board and one child rolling the dice and we tried to finish all three verses of As A Child of God at the same time the two kids finished their snowman. So a few times we had to sing the 3rd verse really fast and a couple times we had to sing the last line or two really slow to try and give the kids a chance to finish their snowman. It was fun. The kids really liked it. I used two kids because 1. it gave twice as many kids a chance to participate and 2. when we did it with just one child, it took much longer. Thank you so much for the idea. I printed out one sheet of the directions for the kids at the board to use and got a piece of chalk and an eraser. That was all the preparation needed.