I can choose the Right here on EARTH

January week 4:  Jesus Christ created the EARTH as a place where I can learn to choose the right.

Choose a reverent child to come help spin the globe.  I say reverent because sometimes my kids are rowdy... well, more than sometimes.  I pick up my choosing sticks can (with all their names in it) and then I choose a name.  I look at the name and then say something like, "Hmmmm.. let me see if this person is being reverent".  I look around the room and wait for it to be silent.  I may even walk around the room and "look".  That usually gets everyone's attention and they settle down.
Anyways back to business.  So when the child comes up I will spin the globe and they have to stop it with their finger.  If it doesn't land exactly on a song, pick the closest song.  After you sing it, take the song off the globe.  When the next child comes up and if they don't land exactly on a song, pick the song to the right of their finger.  I'll warn you now, I haven't done this activity before so I hope it turns out!!!
While they are singing, I will let them pass around an inflatable globe.  When the song is over, the child with the globe has to say something to help them choose the right, or an example of choosing the right.

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