Top 10 RECORDS of 2011!!!

2 weeks ago, I passed out a sheet with the 8 2011 program songs and 2 favorite songs listed on it (10 songs total).  I gave this sheet to each teacher and asked them to have their class vote on their favorite song of 2011. 

I realize it's a liiiitle late for anyone else to do this-so you can just pick the songs you think they like the best :)

I'm going to put these records on the chalk board and we will sing the countdown #10 to #1.  If they are getting wiggly I will let them play hot and cold (hiding a paper music note).

Hopefully they will like it -and hopefully they will know what records are lol.

Good luck with your Sunday Singing Time.  Hang in there and here we go for another year!!!

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  1. This was a great idea! We used it on new years day and I made cds out of shiny silver cardstock with a circle of white and then laminated. I wish I had thought to have the kids vote, but it wasn't too hard to come up with a top 10! Scripture Power, of course, is ALWAYS number 1! Thanks for all your inspiration!