Punch out the OLD and Sing in the NEW

This idea was posted earlier this year here and we thought it would be fun for bringing in the New Year!  You can put any songs you want to sing!!!  Happy New Year!!!

If you are looking for a different/eaiser idea, you could do a balloon pop singing time.... balloons are always fun.

Especially for the New Year... :)


  1. Before this post even begins may I first apologize. Apparently my college degree is not paying off! I am not understanding your "punch out the old and sing in the new" chorister idea. I like it and want to use it tomorrow but am not seeing how the children will be able to punch out (what I am assuming is a tissue paper hole) and be able to GRAB a song from behind. I would so greatly appreciate just a little more detail darlings. Thank you so.

  2. It more of a tap or a poke than an actual "PUNCH". They just need to break the paper and then grab the song right behind it. Make sure to look at the instructions on how to make the board by clicking under I HEART IDEAS: Hole-y punch out board. Thanks for looking at iheartprimarymusic!!!