As a Child of God

For those of you who still don't have a visual for As a Child God (January's song), here is one for you!!!

...and keep in mind this is my first time uploading a Word Document on blogger so I hope it works
(crossing fingers)

click here 

 or here?

let me know if it worked and I hope it can help someone!!!


  1. I was able to open both up just fine. Do you have any ways to teach this new song? I'd like to use the visuals/flip chart stuff to introduce it. but then need to come up with a fun way to repeat the heck out of so they can learn it! :)
    LOVE you site....check you every week. Found you on pinterest. i'm from portland, OR.

  2. hahaha! I LOVE it! Using lightbulbs for every pic is so clever and creative. I had to show it to my husband (an electrician). You are amazing! Great job.

  3. Very cute chart. Did you do visuals for the other two verses? I can only pull up the first verse. Thanks!

  4. This is a super cute flipchart but we have been instructed to only use pictures put out by the church. (Friend, Gospel Art, etc) Just an FYI

  5. I hope everyone has gotten my emails back about your questions :) Thank you for looking at our blog. We only hope you know we are sharing ideas that we feel will help others with their callings. It is up to them to follow as the Spirit directs. We invite all to seek the Lord's Spirit prayerfully. And as it says on pg 2 of the current 2012 outline for Sharing Time, "Supplement the ideas provided here with some of your own".

  6. This is a great flip chart. I always use the church pics and actually have another chart that I found on Sugar Doodle, but I do think that this one is better for my kids.

    FYI, I wasn't super strong on the song, so to teach ME and the kids, my pianist helped me sing it over and over as the kids were coming in from classes. (Usually we do wiggle songs...) I love that they were able to hear the melody over and over. I would have her replay each line until I felt comfortable with the melody. I know that my kids were listening and when it came time for us to all try it, they knew the melody pretty well.