While teaching/singing about reverence, it can be hard to keep your children reverent.

...especially the Sunbeams. All 12 of them.

yes, 12.

So here are some tips that may help:

*The popular, 'If you can hear me... touch your nose'.  Touch your ears, your head, etc.  All while speaking softer each time so that you are whispering by the time all the children are following you.

I like to switch it up and say, "If you can hear me, show me your:
Book of Mormon hands (put hands together like a book)
Prayer hands (put hands palm to palm)
Steeple hands (touch tips of fingers together to make a steeple)
Lamanite hands (like BOM Stories put feathers on back of head with one hand in front of you)
Reverence arms (fold arms)
You can make up as many as you'd like.

*I have over 100 kids in my primary, as does my mom, so I ALWAYS use the microphone. Always.  It helps so much to grab their attention because I was gifted with a really soft voice. :)

*Saying shhhh with your finger to your lips (of course in the microphone) and waiting for the room to be silent helps sometimes. 
But only sometimes.
"Zip it" helps sometimes too.  (zip your lips closed)

*Have a rainstorm. Turn off lights. 
Rub palms together
Snap fingers
Pat legs
Tap toes
Stomp feet and pat legs
and then do this in reverse order.

*Play Simon says or Sister ______ says.
I like to play the sky says when they are really wiggly or at the beginning of singing time
The sky says:
Twirl like a tornado
Clap like Thunder
Fingers fall like rain
Float up on toes like a cloud
Sway like the wind

*When I pick a choosing stick I say, "let me see if this person is being reverent..."  And I look all around the room and wait until everyone is quiet.  If the child is not being reverent I go stand right in front of them.

*My teachers are awesome, they help out so much to create a reverent environment.  I always make sure to thank them after each singing time.  I say something like, "Don't forget to thank your teachers for the hard work they put into teaching a lesson for you.  And thank you teachers, for your help with the kids during singing time.  I appreciate when you sing and participate as well".  Always give praise so that they feel they are doing great and are willing to participate. 

*Start singing time with a wiggle song.
Choose a child to be the follower for Do as I'm Doing.
Sing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Backwards.

*Have a bag full of real candy gummy worms.  Each worm 'makes' you do different wiggle activities
Eat a gummy worm and say, "this worm is making me twirl"!!!  Have children twirl with you.
Stretch worm
Deep breath worm
Jumping worm
Reverence Worm

*Display a picture of Jesus

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