Let's get Personal

Personal: meaning Personal organization.

And yes, this post is more "personal"  because -warning- you may see parts of my messy house :)

I know just as well as the next chorister that this calling can take over your house.
Soon after I was called, I found that behind my doors, under my bed, and any empty space in my 1000 square foot dulex was now being occupied. 
So my point?  If I can be organized you CAN too!!!  Wahoo!
Here are some tips that hopefully you can use, to help get organized.

Here is my monthly calendar.  Fancy, right?  No.  It's just the basics.  It has the month and the monthly message and song at the top.  This is so that I am reminded to incorporate those during singing time for the month.  It also lists the Sunday's date for that month. Under each Sunday, I write my ideas/activities and sometimes the songs that I want to sing.  I usually plan out 2-3 months of these at a time so that I don't have to scram and freak out every Saturday night-wondering what I'm going to do :)  But sometimes I still do that...
   This is my Sunday bag.  Not so fancy either.  It's a reusable grocery bag from Wal-mart. 
These are the things I carry in it EVERY Sunday:
I always bring these in case I need to make up extra time or to help get some wiggles out.  I have my stop and go signs, Hum, Sing, Clap, Loo Loo Signs, Captain Moroni to play hot and cold, ways to sing cards from divinesecretsfromaprimarychorister, my CS, and blue sticky tack (you never know when you need it).  Blue sticky tack is like duck tape for Primary.  You use it for everything. 

This is my outline I make for me and my pianist every week.  I have the opening exercise and singing time songs for the day.  Again, not too fancy and don't make fun of my awesome handwriting :)
This is how I organize my paper visuals (mostly from JollyJenn).  I put them in a tub (similar to a file cabinet)  I have each song in a file folder and a bigger green folder.
 When I'm choosing my songs for Sunday, I just take the colored file folder.  When I'm putting them back, I know where they go alphabetically because of the green folder.
 And all the rest go -you guessed it- either behind my doors or under my bed.
 You can leave them in the Primary closet if you want, but I like to have them at home for when I'm planning stuff.  So how do I transport my posters?
In a custom made bag!!!  The sweet chorister before me gave this to me!  If you want measurements let me know!  I have to carry in  my Sunday bag, diaper bag, poster bag, any other Primary stuff, and my baby boy-so this come in HANDY when coming into church!!!

Besides all that, I have a box with nic nac misc stuff for Primary.

And... this is what it looks like in my husband's small office :) 
Yes.  It has it's own little dedicated corner.  awwww..

I Heart Primary Music!!!


  1. I love your carry all bag for the bigger posters. Could I get the measurements from you please? I just got called to be our wards primary chorister and I'm trying to get organized! :)

  2. Hello!!! The bag is 29" long by 22.5" wide (get a little extra fabric for sewing the seams together). The pocket on front is 13" by 6" and the handles are 21" in length. I hope that helps and good luck with your new calling! We would love to see your bag when you've made it! Shoot us an email iheartprimarymusic@gmail.com.