Leafy Ways to Sing

Leafy Ways to Sing!!!
 Materials you will need:  A shoe organizer, different objects to fill the shoe pockets, and paper leaves

We are posting this idea this week because it actually takes 2 Sunday's... in case you were wondering why it's not about Thanksgiving :)  So if you are a plan-ahead person you could use this idea for next week!
The first Sunday, pass out to each child a paper leaf.  Each child writes their favorite song on the leaf and hands it back to you.
At home, put the leaves in the pockets along with an object.  (If you have more children than there are pockets, put more than one leaf in a pocket and let them choose which song to sing).  Then on Sunday let a child come and pick a pocket.  Sing that song and do the action!!!

Here are the different things we put in the pockets and the corresponding actions to do while you sing:
Flashlight-Turn the lights off
Slinky-Stretch the slinky to sing loud or soft
Tissues-Plug your nose
Pointer-Child leads music
Picture of Friends-Turn and sing to a friend
Cap-Sing without the piano
Turtle-Sing slow
Racecar-Sing Fast
Ball-2 children toss the ball back and forth and every time they drop it, start the song over!
Bumble Bee-Hum
Whistle-whistle (...how original :))
Teeth-Sing with a smile or teeth clenched
Glue stick-pretend to glue a part of your body and stick it. ex: glue hand to head or your elbows together!
Microphone-Sing with 2 friends
Sun glasess-Sing with eyes closed
Egg Shakers-Sing staccato
Skunk-Plug nose
Flamingo-Stand on one foot

Get creative!!! All these things were found around the house!!!  and have fun!!!

This idea is a spin off of primarysingingtimeideas.blogspot.com.

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