Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins.  This was inspired by the popular game, Angry Birds.  This is how you do it for Primary:
Turn table on its back and tie an elastic around two legs.  Choose 2 children to come shoot the papers; each have a song to sing written on it.  Whose ever paper goes farther is the song to sing.  The other child gets to answer a Halloween question. 
Examples of Halloween questions:
What's your favorite thing about Halloween?
What are you going to be for Halloween?
What's your favorite candy when you go Trick or Treating? etc.

This is how you make the papers.  Cut a piece of paper 5"x11.5" and measure 1.5" folds.
Fold the paper all the way down and then fold it in half.  Draw or glue a simple Halloween character.

Pass out a piece of paper at the end of Singing Time so that the kids can do it with their family!

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