Pumpkins, Skeletons, and Stew

Both our wards are having Stake Conference this week, but we thought we would post some other Halloween ideas that we've done in the past for you!!!

Pick a Pumpkin from the Pumpkin patch! You can have paper pumpkins or real ones!  Put songs on the back.
Build a Jack-o-Lantern!!!  Have a round orange piece of paper and let your kids pick pieces to put on as the eyes, nose, mouth, stem, leaves.  Get creative with your pieces!!! Put a song on the back of each piece.

Put Brother Bones' bones together!!!  See if children can put them in the right place :)  Have a song to sing on each bone.
Halloween Stew.  Choose a child to suck up ingredient of the stew with the straw and put it in the pot.  Have a song to sing on the back! 

Halloween Pop Liter throw. 
Get some Root-Beer and Orange Soda (3 each) and place them like you would bowling pins (I put Halloween scrapbook paper around them to make them cute).  Put a number on the top of each lid (the number represents a song to sing).  Choose a child to throw a ring around a pop.  I let each child get 3 chances and for Junior I let them stand a little closer to throw. 
Don't have any rings?  -I used paper plates and cut out the middle!  It worked great!

Trick or Treat Favorite.
Yum...  I loved this one.  Get various kinds of candy and lay them out on a table.  Put a song on each type of candy.  Let a child pick their favorite kind of candy and sing song!!!

Any other great ideas that you've loved for Halloween?  We would love to hear about it!!!

HaPpY HaLLoWeen!!!


  1. I love your blog. I just found it last week. We did sister Green last week and the kids loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's so good to hear! I'm glad you could use one of our ideas!!! Happy Halloween!

  3. Thank you so much for your blog! I just got called as the Primary Music Leader a few months ago and it has been pretty stressful for me because I have NO experience! Your blog has been a life saver for me.

  4. where did you find the skeleton picture?