Prophets and Prayer

October's Monthly Message: Prayer is a Reverent Communication between God and Me.
...prayer is a reverent communication between God and me... hmmmm...
and I then thought about it some more..... hmmmm.  What can I do for Singing Time about Prayer?...
I honestly just want to do Halloween all month :)  The first Sunday of the month always seems to be the hardest for me...

And then it came to me (light bulb!)

I have different pictures of Prophets' faces.  I will have one child pick a prophet and I will tell the story of that prophet involving prayer. 

Nephi-I will tell the story of when he was tied up on the BOAT and he prayed unto the Lord.  Song: Nephi's Courage.

Noah- prayed/communed with God to build the ARK.  Sing: A Child's Prayer

Brother of Jarrod- prayed to God to give him Light.  Song: Teach Me to Walk in the Light
Jonah- prayed to get out of the belly of the whale. Song: Follow the Prophet

I'm going to let the child that picked the prophet hold it in front of their face. 
I will also have one child pick how we will sing the song:
These are all ways to help them learn how we should pray.

p.s. I picked stories about boats because Monday is Columbus Day!!!

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  1. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing. -Diedre Gray