step right up to-The Greatest Show on Earth! The ___ ward's Primary Program

Step right up to -
The Greatest Show on Earth!!!
The (your ward #) ward's Primary Program!!!

I hope this post can help someone practice with their program!!!
This singing time has 2 parts to it.
Pass out a check off sheet to teachers.  Teachers (ticket masters) evaluate their own class.  Sheet must include: all songs to practice and 3 check boxes per song.  They get a check mark for the 3 categories: Reverence, appropriate volume, clearly singing correct words. (sorry this is the best pic I had of the sheet)
Balloon pop.  Have songs inside balloons.  Pick a child to pop one.  Sing all songs you want to practice while teachers mark their check boxes.  Each check mark=1ticket.

Picking names from sticks (or reverent helpers, or have teacher choose best singer) have child choose which activity they want to do and collect tickets from them.  Music leader chooses song.

Clown Alley - 3 tickets
Sing song of choice (music leader) and have primary presidency look for best singing class.  That teacher has to wear clown apparel for next song.

Duck pond - 3 tickets
Have 3 rubber ducks.  Child gets to choose 1 duck.  If they choose the duck with the x on the bottom, they get to pick how to sing song (stand on 1 foot, sing backwards, light out, etc).  If not, sing normal.
Tight Rope - 5 tickets
Have the child pick a paper strip on how to perform trick on rope (while singing song).  Tricks can include:  normal, sideways, backwards, one arms in air, toe to heel, etc. 
Pin the nose on the clown (Hot n Cold) - 3 tickets
Blindfold child.  Tell other children to sing loud when they are near where the nose should go and soft when they are far away.

Pass the Circus Ball - 3 tickets
Pass ball around while singing.  Have pianist stop music randomly.  The child with the ball has to say the next phrase of song.

Lion Tamer - 5 tickets
You need: a hula hoop with paper flames on it and 3 stuffed animals (lion, tiger and bear).   Pick 2 children.  One holds hula hoop while the other has to throw the animals through the hoop. The one holding the hoop can move it!  If all 3 go thru the hoop, child chooses way to sing song. 
Ex:  Sing like a monkey - oo ahah, lion - loud, turtle - slow, mouse - soft, rabbit - fast.

You can pass out animal crackers at the end if you want too :)


  1. I really like your idea. Can you explain more about how they get the tickets. Is it a sheet per class and then each class gets a ticket per box or per child and each child gets a ticket per box? I'm confused.

  2. Forgive me... I'm not the best at explaining things :) Yes, one sheet per class. Each class gets 1 ticket per checked box (the teacher watches the whole class). So when a child gets picked they use their classes' tickets. And the classes can combine tickets with another class if they need to. You can always make up new rules too if you need. Sorry again for confusing you and I hope this helped!!!