Let's ROCK-ET!!!

Let's Rock-et     (get it.. "rock it" meaning the primary program :)) 
{inspired by the crazy chorister}

Items you will need:
Moon Rock (tin foil crumpled up)
Paper planet (circle with paper rings around it)
Volume meter
Ball/globe/star object
helium star balloon
bubbles for each teacher

As you start music time, inform the primary that today you are their "Space Commander" (like simon says).  To practice standing up and sitting down, give commands like Space commander says, stand up or sit down.  Also throw in things to trick them like touch your nose or fold your arms (space commander didn't say..)

IILWMH- Polish up with Moon Rock.
Play Hot and Cold.  Hide moon rock and have child find it by listening to volume of other children singing.

I Will Follow God's Plan - Sa-TURN (the planet, Saturn)
Have a paper planet with rings.  Rings= to choose whose "turn" it is to sing.
ex:  Boys turn, girls turn, teachers turn, wearing black shoes turn, have brown eyes turn etc.

Stand For the Right- Rocket Speed
Use volume/singing meter to control speed of song.  Fast=rocket speed

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus -
Pass globe/ball/star object around while singing.  Have pianist stop randomly-the child holding ball must say the next word-or favorite story of Jesus.

Praise to the Man-
Have helium balloon as singing meter.  Let balloon rise up for louder and pull balloon down for softer.

Heroes of the Scriptures- fill in the spaces and build a rocket

Scripture Power - Meteor shower!!!
Have each teacher blow bubbles as children sing. 

You can also add in some breathing and stretch activities if they get too wiggly:

Astronaut Breath -
Remind children that breathing is very important for singing.  Give each child a rocket straw and have them blow the rocket off as far as they can on the count down  3...2...1
Use straw as conducting stick to lead.
 instructions:  Fold paper in 4th's.  Cut.  Fold strip in half.  Point top.  Tape side. Fray bottom.  Put on straw.

Stretch activities:

-Inside a rocket ship-(arms up above head and hands together like rocket)
Count down 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3..2...1 blast off! (jump up into air)

Bend and Stretch
Reach for the Stars
There goes Jupiter there goes Mars
Bend and stretch, reach for the sky.
Stand on tippy-toe, oh so high!
(make up actions to words)

Remind children about doing a STAR Performance on their parts
S- Smile
T- Talk clearly and slowly
A- Always keep your hands down away from mouth
R- Remember your part

Hand out:
H20 Rocket fuel.  (small bottled water)

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  1. Shauna (+mom),

    Thank you for the email! I love your blog! I especially love all of the options you include with this post - that way you can use some or all of them depending on time/age/etc. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Welcome to the primary blogging world!