Is your Program "Dragon"?

Is your Primary Program "dragon" (dragging)? 
Here are some fun BREATHS that may help with the wiggles!!! Breathing is a very important part of singing. They are cub scout cheers modified for primary singing time.
Pull these different breaths out of the dragon mouth:
(Dragon was hand drawn on a poster board and we cut the mouth out with a razor blade)

Water Sprinkler Breath:   Put one hand behind head with elbow out and one arm outstretched in front of you.  Move outstretched arm in small increments across you.  While saying, "tchh tchh tchh"  (like a sprinkler). And swing the outstretched arm back saying, "wheeeeeee".

Watermelon Breath:
Pretend like you're holding a big slice in both hands and slurp up from one end of the watermelon to the other.  Then spit out the seeds, "puh puh puh".

Wolf Breath:
Hands cupped to mouth howling, "Wooooo".

Pig Breath:
Hold nose back like pig and say, "Suuueee".

Ferris Wheel Breath:
Circle hand up like a Ferris Wheel and then down (in a circle).  Saying, "Ooooooh" on the way up; and "Aaaaah", on the way down.

Food Breath:
Pat tummy saying, "Yum yum yum".

Owl Breath:
Pretend like you have wings and say, "whooo whoooo".

Seal Breath:
Put arms straight out together like flippers and say, "ort ort ort".

Bicycle Pump Breath:
Pump arms saying, "shis shis shis".

Sword Breath:
Pretend to have sword in hand saying, "Swish swish swish".

Witch Breath:
Saying in a "witchy" voice, "hee hee hee".

Gondolier Breath:
Make a motion as if pulling a stick (on a boat gondolier style) and sing out loud, "O, Sole Mio".

Moose Breath:
Place open hands by ears to form antlers and call, "ooooo-aaaaa-ooooo".

Motorboat Breath:
Flutter lips with finger.

Motorcycle Breath:
Hold onto handlebars, turn the gas handle back saying, "vvvrooooom vvvroooom".

Firework Breath:
Make fists out of both hands put them together and make sound of steam building (ssss).  Then yell, "POP", as hands and arms extend over head.

Dragon Breath:
Make claws out of hands and huff, "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww.... sizzle".

(credits can be given to our cousins wife-who also is a music chorister... yes, this calling runs in the family)

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