I can't 'EAR' you!!!

I'm always so scared that my kids won't sing loud enough during the Primary Program!  We've practiced these songs all year long and I want them to do their best!  Of course I want them to sing not only loud but REVERENT.  So here is some ideas that have worked for me in the past years.  My kids always make me proud no matter what, but these have seemed to help ;)

*I have someone sit in the very back and hold this ear up when they need to be louder.  If they really need to turn up the volume, bounce the ear up and down.
{This ear was hand drawn on white foam board and then glued onto bright yellow poster board}

*Another idea involves 3 people to sit in the back.  The colors of poster board indicate their level of volume.  Red is way too soft, orange is medium, and green is their BEST.  I drew a star on the green so they remember which color they want to always be seeing while they are singing.

* One more idea is to use a helium balloon and raise it up as they are singing their best. 

Don't forget to remind them to sing reverently so they can invite the Spirit, smile, and sit reverently.

Do you worry about this too?  Leave a comment if you have any other helps!  Thanks!!!

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