"Hole-y" punch-out board

Not a new idea...  but a classic!!! 
I made this punch out board from a 3-fold presentation board (don't have one?  Use the side of a large diaper box!). 
I cut off the sides and cut 6 holes that were different shapes.  To trace the holes I used a cup, a can, a cd, and masking tape.  And then colored around the holes to give it a little some-um some-um.
  Here's what else you may need:
Tissue paper, tape, sizzors, stapler, strips of paper, and ziploc bags

So this is how I made it:
First I taped tissue paper over the holes on the back.
Then I put a strip of paper (that had the song to sing) in a ziploc and then stapled the opened ziploc bag over the tissue paper. I had to slit the sides of the bag to make it fit..
Here's a shot of how pretty it is.... but not for long :)

I also have strips of paper I will put on the board for the children to choose.  After we punch out a song, we will choose a way to sing the song.
Good luck!!!  and I hope all is well for you and your up-coming program!!!

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