President Monson's Birthday

Our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson's, birthday is the 21st of August (I won't tell you how old he is).  So to celebrate, we had a mini birthday party during Singing Time!!!  Wahoo!

You need:
A box
Wrapping paper
5-7 bows (it depends on how many songs you fit into singing time) 

optional:  Something to put inside the box to give the children

I put bookmarks inside my boxes (for Junior and for Senior), wrapped them with wrapping paper, and then wrapped them with 7 bows each.  Each bow was a different color or had a different width/sparkle to it.  We are practicing our program songs so each bow represented a song to sing.
So I picked one child from my choosing stick can to cut off a bow and that represented a song to sing.
I picked one more child and they got to put on a birthday party hat and stand in the front of the room and look through binoculars (to make sure everyone was singing their best). 

It turned out pretty fun even though I had to use a diaper box and when the kids opened the box they said, "Diapers"?!?!!!  Sheesh those kids are on top of it!  But they were happy they got to take home and keep a bookmark.


  1. Thank you for this idea! I'm going to use this to celebrate both President Monson's birthday and the birthday of the Primary auxillary this week. Inside I'll have a bunch of large warm fuzzies for the kids to take home to remind them to do an act of service in President Monson's honor as a gift for him.

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