The POSITIVELY RIDICULOUS Hat Review... with a twist!!!

As you know, it's not all about how loud the children sing during the program.  Yes, they have to be heard, but to help feel the spirit and get the message of the song across, we are going to work on some other areas.  So here's my idea:

I will choose a song that we need to review.  We will sing that song, and as they are singing, I will watch/judge each class on a category (I'll tell you the categories in a sec).  The best class gets to come pick a positively ridiculous hat for their teacher to wear for the next song.  Repeat.

So here's the songs we will be reviewing and the categories are next to them:
*I Will Follow God's Plan For Me - Which class is sitting up straight and folding arms
*I Love to See the Temple-Which class is smiling the most
*The Lord Gave Me a Temple-Which class is loudest (we need the most work on this song)
*Scripture Power-Which class is singing the most enthusiastically
*If I Listen With My Heart - Which class know the song with out the visual
*Praise to the Man - Which class is overall best in all categories

Like I said, I will be the "judge", but you can pick someone else to do it instead if you want.  If I think all classes did equally great, I will have my Primary President wear the hat!!!



  1. I did this on Sunday. It was a hit, they loved it! Thanks for your great ideas

  2. FANTASTIC idea! Perfect for repetition!