EASY Primary Singing Time Ideas (Saturday Night Approved)

Let me set the scene.  It’s late Saturday night.  You’ve had a busy and packed day full of soccer games, bridal showers, whiney kids, family get-to-gether, making dinner, put (forced) kids to bed. 

Then you think, “Oh man!  I have to plan my singing time lesson for tomorrow!!!”  What can I do that really quick and easy????

We’ve all been there.  We get it.

So, here you go: Pick one.  We got your back J


1-      Target Practice

Write the number 1-9 on the chalkboard (or however many songs you’d like to review) like this:

Draw a circle around each number.  Like a Target. 

Now you’re ready!  All you need is something for the kids to throw/hit/shoot at the board.  The number they hit, is the corresponding song to sing!
Ideas to throw/hit/shoot with:  Nerf gun, ball, crumbled up piece of paper, bean bag, etc.  Whatever you have on hand!  This is a Saturday late night idea people!!!

2 – Who’s Missing?

All you need for this one is a blanket or sheet! 

Put the blanket or sheet over a classroom table or over the chalkboard.  Ask for a “hider” and a “guesser”.  The “guesser” goes out into the hall.  The “hider” hides under the classroom table or behind the chalkboard.  The “guesser” comes back in the room, music plays, children sing song.  The “guesser” tries to figure out Who’s Missing before the end of the song. 
If they guess before the end of the song, keep singing until the end!!!!

3 – Hot and Cold

It’s not a new idea, but we’re talking easy Saturday night ideas here.
Hide an object, like a paper note (I use a figurine of Captain Moroni). 

But this object could be aaaanything.  Have a pen?  Perfect.  A CTR ring borrowed from a child?  That works too J

Have one child go out of the room, hide the object, have the child come back in as the children sing start singing.  Have the children sing loud when the seeker is close to the object.  Have them sing quieter as the seeker is farther away.

This is a classic and NEVER gets old!

4 – Secret Word

Pick a couple words out of the song(s) you’d like to review.  Write them on a note card size paper.

Send one child out of the room (guesser), show everyone the word from the song.  Tell them to NOT sing this word as they sing.  Have the guesser come back in and put the word piece of paper on their forehead.  Children sing song, skipping that secret word.  At the end of the song, have guesser guess the Secret Word.

5 – Voice Changer

Have a song you need to sing over and over to practice?  Write these different ways to sing on the chalkboard.  Choose a child being reverent and let them choose.  Change singing voice to that style for the song.

-Computer Robot (staccato)
-Baby Voice (sweet and lispy)
-Underwater (plug nose, or move pointer finger up and down in lips)
-Grandma Voice (pinch a small piece of your neck and move away and then back toward your neck really fast) 
-Opera (self explanatory - use hand actions too!
-Feather Voice (whisper)
-Bee Voice (Hum)
-Chipmunk Voice (sing high, tighten neck and show teeth)
-Ninja Movie Voice (move mouth in between words and pauses)
-Giant Voice (sing deep and low)
-Cowboy Voice (like a country singer)

 For our ULTIMATE LIST of DIFFERENT WAYS to sing, Click HERE .  (There's over 50 ways listed!!!)

6 – Name that Tune

All you need for this one is a pair of dice!  Nice!  (hey, that rhymed!)

Let your pianist know what songs you’d like to practice ahead of time. 
During singing time, let a child come to the front of the Primary room and roll the dice.  Whatever number they land on is how many notes the pianist plays.  Let them guess the song.  Make sure to tell them to raise their hand when they recognize it.  Otherwise, you’ll hear them out shouting it out!

Then sing the song.  Another fun classic that is always a winner singing time!

7 – Teacher Dress Up

Items needed:  Crazy, fun dress up items (yes, go look in your husband and kids closets, and the Halloween bin!)  Think scarves, hats, glasses, gloves, apron
Tell the kids you’re going to have a singing competition between classes.  Whichever class sings the best for each song, their teacher has to come pick up a dress up item.  If there is a tie between classes, have each teacher come up.
Sometimes it’s hard to choose, so I have judgement help from the Primary Presidency.

8 – Visual Pick

Bring the visuals/poster boards of the songs you’d like to sing.  Display the around the room, or in front on the table/podium.  Choose a reverent child to come pick which song they’d like to sing.  Sing that song.

9 – Memory Match

All you need is paper, pen, and tape (or sticky tack)
Make a scratch list of the songs you’d like to review.  Write each Song title on 2 pieces of paper.  Put those on the chalkboard. 
Let children try to match a match (one pick at a time).  When they get a match, sing that song! 
Let the match finder help lead the song!

10 – Ready, Set, ACTION

Write these different ways to ACT on the board (or popsicle sticks, paper, etc ) as you sing the review songs.

-Stand on One foot
-Close one Eye
-Close both eyes (no peeking!)
-Face Backwards
-Pat Head, Rub Belly
-Stand on Chair
-Ears Forward (bend ears forward with hands, as to hear yourself better)

Or add your own idea!

We still have more ideas, is that ok????? 


Here's some more!!! :)

11 - Silent Singer.

Ask one child to go into the hall.  Next, choose a child from the Primary that wants to be the "Silent Singer".  Have the child in the hall come back in as the children sing a song.  The child who is the "Silent Singer" lip sings and the child that was in the hall tries to guess which child is the "Silnet Singer" before the song is over!

12- Switch Seats - Call one child to come up to the front of the Primary room and have them turn around.  Point at 2 hildren sitting down to switch seats.  Start singing a song and have the child in front turn around and try to guess who switched seats by the end of the song!  It's harder than you think!

Do you have any other great EASY SATURDAY NIGHT APPROVED Singing time ideas?  We’d love to hear!



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